D Mangione Scholarship Fund

– Delonda Marie Mangione –

March 14, 1973 – August 15, 2018

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D Mangione was a woman, a sister, a daughter, a friend and an artist. In her passing, some things go without saying. Gone too soon. Gone but not forgotten. However, D was much more than those comforting phrases. She was unique and kind with a spirit that was deeply rooted in the skill and happiness that exuded from her in front of a crowd. D was a musician.

In the aftermath of D’s passing, a group of her friends came together to honor her legacy by donating to Girls Rock Birmingham (GRB). Over the ensuing months, many people from across the country denoted to GRB in her memory with this in mind: D’s legacy, in part, is her tenacity and fearlessness sitting around with a guitar. It meant a lot to her to be able to play in front of people. Not everyone has that fearlessness or the skill to do it, but some might and some might not know it. The fuel for keeping D’s fire burning is the same fuel that could be used to light new fires in a new generation of D’s to sing a song, strum a guitar, tap a keyboard or bang a drum. By donating to GRB, we envisioned a connection from D’s torch to the future fires of a new generation of D’s. Little did we know that the outpouring of love for D, with more than 160 donations, would be so great that these donations would turn into a permanent Scholarship Fund in D’s honor. Girl’s Rock Birmingham is the perfect place to honor D. It is more than acquainting kids with instruments. It opens girls to a new world of confidence. You know so they too can have tenacity and fearlessness.

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