Counselors: No music experience necessary. Counselors serve as mentors for assigned groups of girls, which involves participating in games and skits, making sure the campers are where they need to be at all times, accompanying them between classrooms, and offering advice and help throughout the day. The most important parts of the job are ensuring the  campers’ safety and giving them support and  encouragement.

Instrument Instructors: Instrument Instructor (Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Drum Kit, Keyboards, Vocals, Turntables). Music experience required. Our campers will possess a varying range of skill levels – some have been playing for years, many have never touched a musical instrument in their lives. Instructors are responsible for working with other teachers to plan lessons, teaching and creating a supportive learning environment for  the campers. Classes will likely involve a combination of team-teaching a group of 5-10 girls and solo teaching in smaller groups with occasional one-on-one instruction. *  Must be available mornings during camp week (classes between 9:30am-12pm)

Band Coach: Music experience required. On the first day of camp the campers form bands with each band assigned 2 band coaches. The coaches provide help and guidance in all aspects of working as a collaborative creative team: setting up, tuning, songwriting, learning how to play together, figuring out stage moves, etc. The coaches may also be called upon to mediate band disputes, as well as note specific positive behaviors for later recognition. * Must be  available afternoons during camp week (between 1:00pm-3:30pm) Friday morning 9:30-12 PM, and at the showcase concert

Workshop Leader: No music experience necessary. We will offer a range of workshops throughout the week. Topics may include: self-defense, basic music theory & songwriting, media literacy, beat making, team-building, history of women in music, booking & music biz, amps & sound tech, and band art, and other. We need people with expertise in these areas to help develop and teach a one-hour workshop. Workshops will typically involve co- and/or team-teaching. *Must be available to teach one-hour sessions on the day of your scheduled workshop (workshop dates and times TBA).

Roadies: No music experience necessary but it is helpful. Roadies are vital! We need folks to help set up, break down, and move equipment throughout the week. Responsibilities include setting up the camp site, reconfiguring rooms for band practice every day, helping with load-in/out on showcase days, etc. *There is scheduling flexibility with this position.

Receptionist: No music experience necessary. From the front desk, the receptionist assists with the check-in and out of campers every day, monitors visitors, coordinates in-camp communication, gives directions, and answers questions. *There is scheduling flexibility with this position.

Floaters: We need a few folks to be available for help with last-minute needs, runs to Kinko’s or the hardware store, fill in if another volunteer can’t make her shift, and generally lend a hand as necessary. *There is scheduling flexibility with this position,

Food Team: Food Team, Under the guidance of the Food Coordinator, pick up food donations, do supply runs, and provide support to the kitchen crew as needed. *There is scheduling flexibility with this position.

Kitchen Team: No music experience necessary, Help with snack and lunch preparation, help with kitchen clean-up and make everyone happy by keeping them nourished. *There is scheduling flexibility with this position.

Licensed Nurse: No music experience necessary. We are in need of licensed nurses to be on­ site during the camp week, just in case! *There is scheduling  flexibility with this  position.

Showcase Production Crew: Showcase Production Assistant Working merch and info tables, selling tics, folding programs, helping all aspects of the showcase concert run smoothly. Key role in ensuring that showcase concert runs smoothly and all attendees enjoy the show.